Mission and Vision


Being able to keep up with the technological and sociological changes of today's world, embracing and assimilating national values ​​together with universal values ​​in order to catch up with the age and be ready for the future, equipped with knowledge and skills suitable for the requirements of our age, respectful to human rights, environment and democracy, successfully completed basic vocational education, preferred To bring qualified professionals to the sector and to provide training - consultancy services, to produce projects related to the sectors in which they are in contact, to raise individuals who are researcher, entrepreneur, questioning and analytical thinking power, apt to develop their profession and skills, and are committed to the achievements of the Republic founded by the Great Leader Atatürk.


Our main priority is to raise conscious students who can adapt to the conditions and technology of our ever-changing and renewed world, anticipate the needs of the age, and who will protect regional and national problems, but also work towards solving the problems of our country, especially in our province and its surroundings, to cooperate with universities, industry, society and To be a respected and leading Vocational School that reveals its activities and is recognized nationally and internationally.